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Answering Services

Keep your business running with professional, 24/7 business phone answering. 85% Of People Whose Calls Aren’t Answered Will Not Call Back. Never Miss An Enquiry. Win More Business Opportunities with our award-winning Live Telephone Answering Services.

  • Local and International Phone Numbers available
  • Customized Call Handling
  • Call Patch / Transfer Features
  • Voicemail To Email
  • All messages logged and sent via email
  • Customized Greeting
  • General FAQ provided to callers
  • Online Access To Your Account

Automated Attendant

Now there's no need to purchase an expensive Auto Attendant or PBX to answer your calls and route them to the correct person or department. Your new Auto Attendant and phone system can be hosted by Virtual Enterprise. It will answer your phone calls with your company's menu and transfer callers to the correct person or department.

  • Call Routing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Screening
  • Voice Mail
  • Zero-out to Operator or Attendant


Corporate Address Features

Win over potential customers with your business mailing address. We'll take care of the mail and make sure it's forwarded or held according to your instructions.

Whether you're expanding into new markets and need a new place to work or just need someone to answer your phone and handle your mail, Virtual Enterprise is for you. Virtual Enterprise provides a place to post Real Estate and other professional documents. It also can be the business address for your corporation, allowing you to separate your business address from your personal address.

Electronic Faxing

Small Business

A real fax number in minutes.
Easy as email
Never miss another fax
Real savings
$15 per month & a onetime Activation fee of $10


Personalize your fax system to identify with your organization.
Send and receive multiple simultaneous faxes online.
High Density/Scalability. (T1-E1)
VOIP Fax solution



A flexible cloud based phone system breaks down barriers by moving the on-premise PBX phone system out of the building and into the cloud. Workers in the office and remote workers alike share the same features and capabilities of a powerful business phone system regardless of their physical locations. When employees leave their remote offices, a mobile or desktop application allows them to remain connected to the corporate phone system.

FEATURES INCLUDE:     Remote Extensions, Auto Attendant, Directory Assistance Listing, Extension Dialing, Local Number Porting (LNP), Music on Hold, 3-Way Calling, Voicemail to Email, Voicemail.